Biffy Clyro have ''no rules''.

The 'Many of Horror' hitmakers have experimented with metal, pop and dance on their new album, 'A Celebration Of Endings', and frontman Simon Neil admitted he finds it ''exciting'' to move into ''new areas'' while also maintaining the classic rock sound of the band.

He said: ''The excitement of making a new Biffy album for me is finding new areas to move into while still keeping our characteristics as a band.

''We aren't a heritage band and I don't aspire to make records like those of 40 years ago. We have no rules in Biffy. And I am quite extreme with what I like and how I am.

''To paraphrase Brian Wilson, I feel like I AM made for these times. People don't want an album of one colour or mood. I've been waiting for this moment creatively. It is really liberating.''

And the group - which also includes bassist James Johnston and his twin brother, drummer Ben - wouldn't make a new album ''just for the sake of it''.

James told The Sun newspaper: ''We are really made up with this record. It feels like we've made another step forward, progressing with our sound. It was the only album we could have made now -- we really had something to say.

''Nobody needs another Biffy album just for the sake of it. We are so proud of it.''

However, that didn't stop the trip feeling ''nervous'' when they released single 'Instant History' because it is so unlike their previous material.

James admitted: ''We were quite nervous when that was coming out.

''It's quite a departure for the band and the sound of the record. It's a great example of having something good but you can't unlock it. And we never played it together as a band until we finished it.

''It's a keyboard-driven song which sounds very un-Biffy. But we have a simple taste test which is, if the hairs on your neck stand up, that's it. All three of us thought it was an absolute banger.

''This album is about trying new ground and pushing yourself forward.''