Biffy Clyro have been forced to shelve their plans to mark their 20th anniversary next year, due to the pandemic.

The chart-topping Scottish trio - made up of Simon Neil and brothers James and Ben Johnston - have decided to skip celebrating the milestone and instead look at planning something special for their 25th anniversary instead.

Ben told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: ''We had planned something then this all happened so it's going to be impossible to fit it all in with the new album.

''It will be a strange non-anniversary.

''We will have to wait for 25.''

The 'Many of Horror' hitmakers returned with their chart-topping ninth studio album, 'A Celebration of Endings', this month.

And drummer Ben has teased a second album of B-sides is to follow.

He said: ''We have to record all of the songs that are left over because Simon [Neil] writes at least twice as much as is on the album.

''So we have another album of B-sides, or an accompanying album, to record.''

Due to the ongoing threat of Covid-19, Biffy were forced to postpone all of their planned tour dates across the UK, Ireland, Europe and Australia.

However, they have tentatively announced the 'Fingers Crossed' tour for next summer, if concerts can return safely in 2021.

Ben said: ''The safety of everyone comes first.

''We have to stand by and cross our fingers that we can tour and people are able to come out.

''It's annoying having to sit at home - a massive part of what we do is about getting on stage and connecting with people.

''But there are worse things happening than a rock band having to postpone their tour.

''I'm not going to complain if we can't.''

Meanwhile, the sticksman quipped that frontman Simon must be a ''clairvoyant'' because the songs on 'A Celebration of Endings' are eerily fitting to the current global pandemic.

He added: ''Songs have taken on a new dimension and it's interesting how on-point the lyrics are for where we are now.

''Simon must be a clairvoyant.''