Biffy Clyro think American bands take themselves too seriously.

The Scottish trio - who won Best British Band at the NME Awards on Wednesday (27.02.13) - think bands from the UK are more easygoing than their US counterparts.

They told Absolute Radio's Pete Donaldson: ''I don't think Brits take themselves too seriously, I think they take their music seriously but they don't take themselves seriously. Whereas maybe bands from across the pond take themselves a little bit too seriously sometimes.''

Although they sometimes find them not as fun loving, Biffy - singer Simon Neil and brothers Ben and James Johnston - say American bands are their main influences.

They added: ''It's kind of funny because we grew up listening to mostly American music and it did have some influence on our sound.

''I think there are people out there who just love British music and maybe it's quite hard to put your finger on exactly what it is that makes them British, I think perhaps those little quirks that the Brits have you know.''

Biffy also admire UK bands who have taken an American sound and been successful with it, such as The Rolling Stones, and were pleased to be nominated for Best Live Band alongside them.

Simon said: ''Our dad had Stones records and to be mentioned in the same breath as them is really quite incredible.''

After the show many of the stars went on to party at the W Hotel's Wyld Bar in London's Leicester Square where guests were served CÎROC Ultra-Premium Vodka cocktails, including the appropriately named Ciroc 'N' Roll mix.