Now in it's 15th season, Big Brother came to an end once again last night as the winner of the $500,000 grand-prize was revealed after 90 days holed up in the Orwellian house. It was between Gina-Marie Zimmerman, Spencer Clawson and Andy Herren to battle it out for the winner's title, facing one more instalment of challenges on the final night before the winner was finally revealed. The rest of this article (obviously) contains spoilers.

First up, we had the final HOH competition of the season, as the remaining three competed in a two-parter challenge. First up, we had the skater-inspired challenge, which aimed to see who could hang on for the longest in a specially-built roller-rink within the Big Brother house. Spencer was the first to drop, bowing out almost immediately, whereas Andy and Gina had to battle it out between themselves for a little while longer. It's probably safe to say that after the show, neither of them will be able to walk into the X Games. Staying balanced for mere seconds more than Andy, Gina was able to hold on to win the first challenge, as she was showered with glitter for her achievements (and judging by the lung she coughed up after, she might have shallowed some of the glitter by accident).

Part two of the HOH Challenge saw only the two males remaining in the contest pitted against each other, as the victorious Gina was allowed to sit out of the decided HOH contest. Spencer and Andy had to pick through crabs (yes, crabs) with pictures of the housemates' faces on and scale a rock climbing wall with each individual crab. Neither was particularly convincing in their approach, but with a time of 21:54 it was Andy who eased to victory passed Spencer's time of 36:11. With Spencer now in the danger zone, his only hope was that either Gina or Andy would vote for each other and not him.

For the final HOH, GinaMarie and Andy were asked to answer questions about the jury members, with the winner getting to chose who went through to the final two with them. It was a close contest, but it was Andy who came out on top and it was up to him to pick his fellow finalist. Staying true to GinaMarie, he chose to evict Spencer, and the two continued their 'special relationship' in the final segment of the show. Speaking after his eviction, Spencer admitted that he wasn't shocked by Andy's decision, saying, "No, not really. I was always worried about ... their relationship,"

It was then time for GinaMarie and Andy to take on the jurors once again, and it was another heated contest, with Andy admitting that he had cooly calculated every step he took on the show before he took it, ensuring that he would be where he was last night. Of course, when it came to quizzing GinaMarie there was a much more obvious topic of conversation; her racial slurs from earlier in the season. But it was soon all over, and eventually time for the jury to cast their, rather unanimous votes, as the victor walked away with seven of the nine votes. And the winner was...Andy!

Ginamarie Zimmerman
GinaMarie caused controversy for her racist comments on the show.