Congratulations, you’ve made it to Friday. Now here’s your reward – a recap of last night’s Big Brother episode. Yes, we’re sorry, but not much. Spoilers below this point, in case it wasn't obvious.

As voting approached, things got increasingly crazier and crazier. And by “things” we obviously mean Caleb’s clothing choices. Multi-coloured striped wife beater and patterned blue snapback, worn reversed? Yes. This is a good combo for reality television.

Oh and it looks like a romance is brewing between Caleb and Amber, at least on Caleb’s side, anyway. How awkward was it exactly? We dare you to watch that conversation without cringing from second-hand embarrassment. Go on.

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And as for Joey, she made another bold move after a series of missteps and introduced her male alter ego. Meet Alex, who is absolutely not a ploy to dodge the bullet come eviction time. Nope. Not at all. It was another failed strategy for Joey – everybody voted against her anyway.

The Head of Household change was remarkably entertaining, for something with a fraternity theme. The contestants, separated by gender, had to walk across a balance beam, pick up kegs, move them across the lawn, and stack them in front of the frat house. Apparently none of the producers have been to college, much less a frat house, in quite a while. Oh and people could throw Frisbees at the contestants during the challenge. Those lightweights.

At the end of the challenge, Amber had the upper hand for the women’s team, which is great, because go ladies, etc. Plus, we’re actually really enjoying watching Amber go at it. Go figure, it’s like she’s a professional model or something.