Mario successfully completed his magic task at the live 'Big Brother' eviction last night (06.08.10)

In a twist to the 'What The Dickens?' shopping task - with the housemates carrying out various Charles Dickens-themed tests - Mario was named David Copperfield, but after the US illusionist, and was challenged to perform an optical illusion for the eviction crowd.

Unbeknown to him the trick was to make host Davina Mccall appear out of nowhere.

In a video message played to introduce him, Mario said to Big Brother: "I think the most important thing about a magic illusion is confidence.

"I'm going to pull them into the trick, as it were. It's going to be a magical adventure I won't forget anytime soon, especially if it goes disastrously wrong."

The unemployed fashion designer stepped through the main doors and told the crowd: "We need to fill it with magic, as I move it, I need you to cheer."

After turning his magic box he then pulled out a bunch of flowers.

He then turned it again, saying: "It could be a dinosaur, it could be an elephant, it could even be Big Brother himself, you ready?"

But when he pulled open the curtain he unveiled Davina much to the delight of fans who cheered loudly.

For successfully completing his task Mario earned £50 towards the shopping budget, which stood at £150 in total.

But as Josie and JJ successfully completed their secret mission -to steal items from their fellow housemates - Big Brother doubled the total meaning the house has £300 to spend on goods for the next week.