Big Sean really ''appreciates'' Ariana Grande.

The 26-year-old rapper teamed up with the brunette beauty for his new single 'Research' and admits he's grateful they were able to put their romance aside and work on the track together as artists.

Speaking to E! News, he said of the song: ''It's cool though, because that song isn't about me and her situation.

''We were both able to just put our situation set aside and just be artists and, you know, be creative. Because that's real situations people go through and sometimes it's just about making music that people can relate to. So...I really appreciate her for doing it.''

The hunk has been dating the 'Break Free' hitmaker, 21, for five months and recently admitted he was glad they struck up a friendship before they explored their chemistry.

He said: ''It was cool to have a girl that I could talk to about my problems. I did that with her. It's not some fake-a**, inauthentic s**t when I say we were friends. This is something special and I appreciate every moment of it.''

The pair initially attempted to keep their romance a secret, but now refuse to let their fame affect their time together.

Big Sean, whose real name is Sean Michael Anderson, explained previously: ''You can't be afraid, because when you're afraid you don't give it your all.''