Since the release of his debut mixtape back in 2007, Big Sean became a force in hip-hop, bringing success to anything he attaches his name to. His first two records, Finally Famous and Hall of Fame, both debuted at number three, and he's even got a top ten single to go along with it. But Big Sean's strengths aren't only in his solo work - they're in his guest appearances, too.

Big Sean NightclubBig Sean’s guest features just keep getting better

It feels like any song that has been released lately has Big Sean taking on a verse, and we're not complaining. His flow and wacky lyrics pretty much automatically make a song better. Most recently, Big Sean linked up with Ariana Grande on her new track, 'Best Mistake.' The song, which is included on Grande's upcoming album, My Everything, is a ballad with excellent vocals from Grande as usual, and Big Sean’s verse fits the essence of the song well. Chalk it up as another winner in the features department. Aside from Grande, Big Sean has lent some bars to a myriad of artists over the years: Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, Drake, and Lil Wayne are just barely scratching the surface. But which ones out of the many that he’s done are considered the absolute best?

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Ariana Grande - ‘Right There’

‘Best Mistake’ isn’t the first time that we’ve seen a Big Sean/Ariana Grande combo. On Grande’s album released last year, Yours Truly, the duo got together on the track ‘Right There.’ Not only is it one of Grande’s best songs yet, it’s also one of Big Sean’s best features. The upbeat, Mariah Carey-esque jam is a perfect pop/R&B hybrid, and his verse showcases why the two went at it again on My Everything. However, ‘Right There’ almost turned out much differently, as Big Sean wasn’t the first choice to take on guest duties - instead it was meant to be rapper King Los.

Jessie J - ‘Wild’

Every now and then, Big Sean has to share the spotlight just a little bit. On Jessie J’s single, ‘Wild,’ she included another rapper along with Big Sean: UK MC Dizzee Rascal. The track is easily one of Jessie J’s most unique, and the best off her last record, Alive. Dizzee and Sean both have their separate verses, but the guys clash together well. Even though Big Sean may not be the only one dropping a verse, he’s still far and away the winner of the song. Plus, one of his lines are “If I swim with the piranhas, guaranteed that I’m probably gonna have a fish dinner.” What does that even mean? Never change, Sean.

Fall Out Boy - ‘The Mighty Fall’

And the winner for most unlikely collaboration goes to…

So, when Fall Out Boy announced their comeback after years in a hiatus, their album was one of the most anticipated pop rock releases in recent memory. That album, Save Rock and Roll, had plenty of guests on it - Courtney Love, Foxes, and Elton John. For some reason, all of those made more sense than seeing Big Sean listed as a guest on ‘The Mighty Fall.’ Turns out, the song is pretty incredible, and it’s hard to believe his verse can outshine frontman Patrick Stump’s vocals - but it’s totally reality. Then again, Fall Out Boy and hip-hop isn’t a foreign concept. Jay Z was featured on the intro to 2007's Infinity on High, Lil Wayne was on Folie a Deux's 'Tiffany Blews,' and Kanye West and 2 Chainz have both done remixes. Clearly, Fall Out Boy and hip-hop just work.

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