Lise-Lotte Lublin claims she passed out after the comedian gave her two alcoholic drinks in 1989, and came to the conclusion that something sexual had happened while she was unconscious, after hearing similar allegations from other women.

However, when she went to file a police report in January (15), she was told the statute of limitations had passed because she had not come forward within four years of the alleged assault.

Lublin has now now asked legislators in Nevada to reconsider the law in order to protect future victims, and she told a Judiciary Committee on Friday (13Mar15), "I now understand that the law prevents the victim in my circumstances from seeking justice... Why would the law want to prevent me from seeking justice? Who is protecting the victim? The law is on his side."

More than 20 women have stepped forward in recent months to accuse Cosby of various sex crimes, ranging from unwanted advances and inappropriate behaviour to sexual assault and rape. Cosby has never been charged with any crime, and his legal team has denied all allegations against him.