The Cosby Show star is in the midst of an ongoing legal battle after more than 30 women came forward with decades-old claims he drugged, raped and sexually assaulted them.

Earlier this week (06Jul15), testimony from a 2005 sex case, during which Cosby confessed to giving former Temple University employee, Andrea Constand, three half-pills of Benadryl after she accused him of assaulting her, was made public.

The comedian testified under oath he obtained drugs with the intent of giving them to ladies he wanted to sleep with.

The Constand case was settled for undisclosed terms in 2006, and now the plaintiff is taking further legal action against Cosby after filing a motion accusing him of violating the confidentiality agreement between the two parties.

In the legal papers, which were filed on Wednesday (08Jul15) in Pennsylvania, her lawyers state, "Cosby's behaviors have caused plaintiff unwanted and overwhelming media attention, which has detrimentally affected her."

Constand is asking a judge to void the confidentiality agreement because she has "come to the realization that she once again must defend herself in the forum chosen by the defendant".

She is also asking for "the entire deposition and settlement agreement" to be publicly released.

The news comes a week after Cosby scored a small legal victory in the ongoing drama after prosecutors in New Jersey reportedly closed an investigation into the 77 year old's conduct, prompted by sex assault allegations made by Lili Bernard, and decided not to file charges against him because the statute of limitations had expired.

Cosby has never been charged with any crime relating to the rape allegations.