Just days after the comedian was deposed by top California attorney Gloria Allred as he faced allegations he molested her client at the Playboy Mansion when she was 15, he has moved on from long-term legal eagle Martin Singer and recruited Christopher Tayback of Quinn Emmanuel Urquhart & Sullivan.

Tayback is a former Los Angeles County and federal prosecutor.

Singer was defending Cosby in a lawsuit brought by Judy Huth, who alleges Cosby molested her in 1974. The accuser's attorney, Allred, who is also representing many other women who have alleged the funnyman raped and/or drugged them over the past 30 years, is currently seeking a second deposition.

Cosby is accused of sexually molesting or abusing more than 50 women. At least one allegation is being reviewed by Los Angeles County prosecutors.

Singer has maintained his client's innocence throughout the ongoing trial by media, accusing some of the alleged victims of making up their stories.

Upon hearing the news of Cosby's new law firm hire, Allred tells the Los Angeles Times, "Mr. Cosby has decided to hire 700 lawyers to fight one woman. Mr. Singer has represented Mr. Cosby from the inception of Judy Huth's case until now. Only Mr. Cosby and/or his representatives would be able to comment on the reason that Martin Singer is no longer representing Mr. Cosby and why this change has been made.

"We look forward to continuing our legal battle on behalf of Ms. Huth and this change will not impact our vigorous advocacy on her behalf."