Just days after The Associated Press went public with part of the comedian's damning testimony, in which he confessed to buying sedatives with a view to giving them to women he wanted to sleep with, the New York Times obtained a decade-old deposition given by the comic.

Running the story on Saturday (18Jun15), Times editors insisted the deposition itself was "never sealed" and was in fact publicly available through a court reporting service.

But Cosby's lawyer Patrick O'Connor begs to differ, telling the Philadelphia Enquirer, "How that deposition became public without being court-sanctioned is something we are going to pursue and deal with very vigorously. It’s an outrage that the court processes weren’t followed here."

A spokesperson for the Times says, "The Times legally obtained the transcript from a court reporting service. The judge in the case had declined in 2005 to enter a confidentiality order making the depositions confidential so there was no court order sealing the testimony, then or now. Once we obtained the transcript, we were free to report on Mr. Cosby's testimony."