For a third night in a row, crowds endured freezing temperatures to protest under-fire comedian Bill Cosby’s tour of Ontario, Canada. But on Friday night, the protests encroached on the auditorium and disrupted the show.

Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby's mini-tour of Ontario was disrupted on its third and final night

A small pocket of the audience at the show in Hamilton, the third and final stop on Cosby’s brief tour, is reported to have stood up and chanted “we believe the women”. Cosby remained calm and urged the audience not to react to the protestors, and they were shortly ushered out by security. The comedian’s supporters shouted in kind “we love you, Bill” and attempted to drown the hecklers out.

While the first show in Kitchener on Wednesday went off without any disruptions, Thursday night’s show in London was briefly interrupted by a heckler who shouted “rapist”. On Friday afternoon, ahead of the performance, journalist and Hamilton resident Anne Bokma made it clear that Cosby wouldn’t be warmly received. “We want Cosby to see and hear us,” she said.

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The London show the previous evening also drew some news reportage after Cosby made a controversial joke regarding the allegations. When a woman stood up to leave the auditorium to get a drink, the comedian asked where she was going. When she explained, Cosby replied: “you have to be careful drinking around me.” This rather startling joke prompted the aforementioned heckler.

The mini-tour represents the first time that the 77 year old has performed live since the sexual harassment allegations made against him by more than a dozen women, some of them dating back decades, became an international news story at the end of last year. A large number of scheduled live appearances have been cancelled in the wake of the accusations.

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