Ebony magazine has caused controversy with it’s latest cover, which features the cast of ‘The Cosby Show’ and uses a 'shattered glass' effect, with Bill Cosby's image taking most of the impact. So far actors Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Raven-Symoné, who both starred in the sitcom, have spoken about their feelings over the cover and what they think the show's legacy should be in the wake of the Cosby allegations.

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Some have called out the magazine on social media for putting Cosby, who has faced a string of  sexual assault allegations recenlty, on the cover. Speaking about their choice of cover star to E! News the magazine said, "This is our annual Family Issue and we decided, after much deliberation, to go with a focus on what we felt was an urgent and provocative conversation happening within the Black community,"

"Can we separate the man with 50 or more allegations of sexual assault and related crimes against him from the fictional, heroic father? "Should we? I think it is fair to say that no matter what someone feels about our cover, Ebony is not the reason there is a shattered family image we are dealing with. This is a moment of reflection, for many Black people, a painful one for different reasons.”

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On Friday, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who played Cosby’s son Theo Huxtable on the series appeared on ‘The View’ alongside host Raven-Symoné who played his step-niece Olivia. "We really don't have enough time on this show to really talk about how I feel about that," Warner said.

"Let's not forget that 'The Cosby Show' was a sitcom and not a reality show," Raven-Symoné added. "Let's just remember that this was a sitcom and we had writers and things of that nature." "That's the show that we've all very proud to have been on," Warner continued. 

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"When we've had images that perpetuate the negative stereotype of people of colour, we've always had ‘The Cosby Show’ to hold up against that. And the fact that we no longer have that, kinda leaves us not in a great place in terms of having the wide scope of the images of people of colour.”

“The generation of people of colour who have chosen to go to college because they watched that show...you can't take that away,” Warner added. Cosby has always denied the allegations and he has never been criminally charged.