Bill Murray sure knows how to make an entrance! The 64 year old comedian rode in on horseback to Thursday night's edition of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ from the South by Southwest Festival, while also turning heads in a cowboy hat, boots and a rather fetching red dress.

Bill MurrayBill Murray appeared on Thursday night's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' from the SXSW festival.

"What a cute outfit, well you look very pretty, very beautiful," Kimmel told Murray. To which the actor quipped, “This is just for tonight because it's special," adding that he’s "usually in jeans and a t-shirt.”

During the interview the host quizzed Murray on a range of topics from the upcoming March Madness to some much needed hangover cures. But when Murray was asked what his go to party song was, attention turned to ‘Blurred Lines’ and the recent court ruling.

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“I'm with that Robin Thicke song — the big money-maker he just made for Marvin Gaye," Murray said. ”It's a great song, and Marvin Gaye got some money. It's nice. He's no longer here to spend it. But his original song is the song I like. 'Got to Give It Up,' the long version of that, really turns the party around a little bit.”

The funnyman also used his time with Kimmel to clear up anyone confusion concerning his mysterious collaboration with Rick Ross, after the rapper tweeted a picture of the two in the studio together last month.

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Murray said the rapper will be appearing in his Christmas show, telling Kimmel, "My friend is friends with him, and he thought he'd be great to sing this one song. So he came and recorded the song, and...that was the last we saw of him. He didn't show up to shoot.”

“If anyone out there sees a 300-pound guy who looks like he was supposed to be in New York two weeks ago, let me know”, the actor joked. Adding “It was a lot of fun – he just got lost. I kept saying, 'He better be dead 'cause otherwise he's in trouble.'"