This week, the notoriously reclusive Bill Murray spoke out in an "ask me anything" session for his new movie Rock the Kasbah, in which he plays a has-been music manager who discovers a talented teenaged girl in Afghanistan and signs her up for the local X Factor-style talent show Afghan Star.

Rock The Kasbah

But of course the fans wanted to know what the best and worst things were about being Bill Murray. "They're one in the same," he replied. "You wish you could walk down the street and look at things and watch things uninterrupted. The shock of being recognised brings you out of this place where you're just trying to take it in. It's an obligation and you're reminded you have to show up. It's a coin with two sides. As much as I don't like the one side, the other side is what might save me."

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And he remembers what it was like when he couldn't get into parties, and he and his friends would blag their way through the door. "I think it's all about ease of entry. It's about getting in," he said, when asked for tips. "I think the best is to have something that's difficult to carry, like a case of beer, and come to the door and fumble, so people will help you. They will open the door for you and usher you in. And say, 'These are cold where should I put them?' If those are your first words, then you're already into the kitchen. And if you're in the kitchen you are the heartbeat of the party."

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He was also asked about how he has managed to get roles in seven movies by filmmaker Wes Anderson. "You know, there's a lot of guys who want those parts. There's a lot of bitter actors out there," he laughed. "I don't know what I bring to the movies. I'm like an uncle, we have a lot of fun. I give nothing to the movie, but I'm good company! And we've had great success together. The people who work for him are slavishly devoted to getting it done and making sure his vision gets done in that way."