Bill Nighy ended up as a beggar in Paris when he was 17.

The 'About Time' actor originally had romantic notions about being a writer in the French capital and ran away from home in England twice, though both times were a disaster.

On his first attempt Bill made it to the South of France, but came home in a matter of days, the second time he had a difficult experience in Paris.

He explained: ''I literally threw my suitcase out of the window and got on the boat. I slept under the Arc de Triomphe and had all my money taken off me - which wasn't very much - by a cab driver. I begged on the Trocadero for a few weeks, and then I came back. That was the end of the Paris dream.''

Bill, 63, added it was after returning back he realised the impact his actions had on his family and made him sorry.

He added: ''It was only when I got home and I saw my father's face that I realised what a cruel, selfish thing I had done. He didn't know whether I was alive or dead. I caused a lot of pain. I am very sorry.''