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27th March 2017

Quote: "I happen to play a pompously self-absorbed actor in his declining years in this, so it was a real stretch. I had to watch some other actors to figure out how to play it." Bill Nighy jokingly recalls how he prepared for his movie Their Finest.

10th January 2014

Fact: Hollywood veteran Richard Gere has officially signed on to star alongside Dame Judi Dench, Bill Nighy and Dame Maggie Smith in the upcoming sequel to surprise 2011 hit The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The Pretty Woman star was said to be in talks to join the old-timers back in October (13), and now his involvement has been confirmed. Production on the movie, directed by John Madden, is currently underway in India.

3rd March 2013

Quote: "Hopefully everyone will be back. Judi Dench said they'd better hurry up!" Actor Bill Nighy is keen to reunite with the ageing cast of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for a planned sequel.

8th February 2012

Fact: Ricky Gervais and Bill Nighy are among the famous faces to design their own lampshades for a charity auction. The pieces will be displayed at The Langham Hotel in London until later this month (Feb12), when they will be auctioned off to raise funds for the Starlight Children's Foundation.

25th March 2011

Fact: Acting veteran Bill Nighy is trading pirates for Greek gods after joining the cast of the upcoming Clash Of The Titans sequel. The Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest star will play fallen god Hephaestus, alongside returning actors Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes.

11th March 2011

Quote: "Of course it was very satisfactory being married to Brooke Shields. Brooke was dreamy. She was funny and easy and didn't seem too dismayed being married to me. She managed to keep a straight face, which was very decent of her." Bill Nighy on playing Brooke Shield's onscreen husband in new movie Chalet Girl.

20th November 2009

Quote: "It would take me 10 years. It would kill me. Every f**king sentence" Brit actor Bill Nighy is wary of writing his autobiography.

19th November 2009

Quote: "That single thing accounts for what they call a late flowering." Actor Bill Nighy's Hollywood status soared after he starred in 2003 movie Love Actually.

19th November 2009

Quote: "It amuses me that I play educated people when I didn't have any further education." Actor Bill Nighy explores his inner academic onscreen.

24th July 2009

Quote: "If I tell you anything they kill me." British actor Bill Nighy refuses to divulge any secrets from the set of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS.

21st July 2009

Quote: "It always makes me nervous when I turn down a job. You know, I’ve been around for awhile, and there was a time when I didn’t turn down anything. It’s a luxury, really, to turn down anything. And I’ve never quite got used to it." British actor Bill Nighy, 59, admits he still has trouble being selective with his roles.

12th June 2009

Quote: "We just get on so well. I've taken her out for dinner. One day she'll just stop returning my calls." Bill Nighy has managed to befriend his new favourite actress Emily Blunt, his co-star in upcoming movie WILD TARGET.

6th March 2009

Quote: "EMILY is someone I admire terribly. She is one of Britain's greatest talents, but she treats me with little or no respect, which is something I find incredibly refreshing." Bill Nighy on his WILD TARGET co-star Emily Blunt.

8th January 2009

Quote: "What a band! No wonder they survived. They're the best band in the world. Who on Earth made that noise?" British actor Bill Nighy is a big fan of the Rolling Stones.

27th October 2007

Fact: Actors Bill Nighy and Michael Sheen are to star in the third instalment of the Underworld vampire franchise. The new movie, UNDERWORLD 3: THE RISE OF THE LYCANS, will be a prequel.

1st August 2007

Quote: "They have Love Actually parties now in America. Every Christmas the ladies in particular will open some wine and settle down to watch it all over again. Nothing could give me more pleasure than that." Bill Nighy is proud of his part in Richard Curtis' hit romantic comedy.

25th April 2007

Fact: John Simms and Bill Nighy will reprise their roles in BBC drama STATE OF PLAY when it makes a TV comeback. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt is set to star in an American film adaptation of the series.

16th January 2007

Quote: "I used to think that prizes were damaging and divisive until I got one and now they seem sort of meaningful and real." British actor Bill Nighy upon receiving his Golden Globe Best Actor prize last night (05JAN07).

16th January 2007

Quote: "I used to think that prizes were damaging and divisive until I got one and now they seem sort of meaningful and real." British actor Bill Nighy upon receiving his Golden Globe Best Actor prize last night (05JAN07).

22nd September 2006

Fact: Love Actually actor Bill Nighy is to make his Broadway debut opposite Julianne Moore in David Hare's new play THE VERTICAL LIMIT. The production will be directed by Oscar winner SAM MENDES.

19th July 2006

Quote: "Of course, I hope the Bond bosses take notice. I'm hoping to make Judi Dench very, very nervous." Love Actually actor Bill Nighy would love to star as M in the next James Bond movie.

15th June 2006

Quote: "He's half squid and half crab, but there's a man in there somewhere. And weirdly he's Scottish." Actor Bill Nighy explains his character Davy Jones in Pirates Of The Caribbean: DEAD MAN'S CHEST

27th February 2006

Quote: <p>"They should all seek professional help." LOVE ACTUALLY star Bill Nighy laughs off his new found sex symbol status. </p>

22nd February 2006

Quote: <p>"They say DAVEY (JONES) is a baddie, but I think he's just a man who's had very bad luck." Bill Nighy teases fans about his evil role opposite Johnny Depp in the next two Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. </p>

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