Dancing With the Stars held a Hollywood Night on yesterday's (30 Sept.) show. The celebrity competitors chose Charleston's, Quicksteps and Cha Chas, whilst their costumes were definitely some of the most imaginative we've seen this season.

Christina Milian
Christina Milian at the NCLR ALMA Awards in L.A.

Here's a few highlights before the latest celebrity to be eliminated is revealed:

1) Christina Milian's Charleston with Mark Ballas was incredible. The pair donned carnival style costumes: Milian in a red wig and garters whilst Ballas put on a clown face. Amber Riley also performed a Charleston which was jolly but the judges felt her feet didn't keep up with the rest of her!

2) Leah Remini performed brilliantly with her partner and the chemistry between them was palpable. Her rumba was James Bond themed and set to 'Skyfall.' She gained 8 from each of the judges, putting her concerns to rest that she wasn't up to competing. 

3) Another male action icon was represented by Bill Engvall who played the Lone Ranger for a paso doble with partner Emma Slater. Engvall is definitely one of the most committed on the show and was pleased with his performance. The judges agreed that it was his "best dance yet."

4) Jack Osbourne and partner Cheryl Burke are getting on like a house of fire. Ozzy Osbourne made an appearance in the audience and cheered his son whilst he performed a 70's themed Cha Cha.

5) Puns ran amuck when Elizabeth Berkley Lauren danced a foxtrot to 'Come Fly With Me.' She dressed as a flight attendant whilst her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, wore a pilot's costume. The judges' comments were certainly well themed, but grating. 

Corbin Bleu
Corbin Bleu at the opening of The Wizard of Oz in L.A.

6) Valerie Harper's performance may have been flawed but she looked fabulous in her blonde Grace Kelly wig. She performed a cha cha but failed to impress the judges, scoring a meagre 16. Meanwhile, Snooki's Marilyn Monroe costume was equally as impressive and her dancing superior. Her quickstep gained her 25, ensuring the reality star's spirits were lifted after a disappointing performance last week.

7) Karina Smirnoff, Corbin Bleu's partner made sure he was not at an advantage, owing to his singing and dancing background, by picking up the pace of the quickstep. 

8) Brant Daugherty's had a catalogue of disasters to regale. First he's injured his foot, having sprained something unspecific. He managed to continue battling on, taking his boot off to dance. He then was robbed "at gunpoint" and had his Latin dance shoes stolen. He managed to brave though his injury, scoring three nines from the judges.

Sadly, it was Bill Nye who had to leave the show. He performed a rather slow jazz dance, ensuring his injured leg was rested. Although it was a sensible idea, the judges were not impressed and he was eliminated. Nye, a fan favourite, was grieved for by the audience who chanted his name and boo-ed when the judges announced their decision. However Nye was not too distraught to be leaving so soon as his tendon was causing serious problems. When hearing of his elimination he said, "There are people here who are working so hard, who are so good. You see how they're improving every week. I'm not going to be able to keep up with that."

Bill Nye
Bill Nye at the premiere of Superman: Man of Steel in New York.