Actor Bill Pullman was an odd choice to play a wine expert in 2008 sleeper hit BOTTLE SHOCK - because a theatre accident cost him his sense of smell.
The Independence Day star admits he doesn't have a nose for good wine - because he can't tell whether a vintage is good or not by sniff alone.
He tells's Let's Do Lunch!, "When Bottle Shock came along I thought I was terrible for the movie but I really like the agriculture, how you grow grapes, and the soils and the rain and what are the moisture requirements; I got interested in those.
"I lost my sense of smell while I was doing an improvisational version of an Ibsen play in college and we were climbing all over each other making scenery with each other's bodies, which you did in those days, and I fell backwards and I was in a coma for two and a half days.
"It could have been a lot worse but people who have head traumas and whiplash can lose their sense of smell."
But he isn't complaining: "All my other senses are like Geiger counters of extreme sophistication."