It was congratulations all round to Giuliana and Bill Rancic last month as the couple had their first child together, after a tough old battle to get there. Now, the first baby pictures have arrived in Life & Style Magazine, showing the couple clearly besotted with their little tyke Duke - as well they would be as the reality stars had to struggle with infertility and IVF injections, before eventually switching to surrogacy before their prayers were answered.

"I had always heard that when you have a baby it completes your life - and it's true," Giuliana told Life & Style. "I love my baby, and I love my new role." Bill, meanwhile, was already claiming you could see the likeness of them in him; "Every day he's changing - it's just remarkable to see," the 41 year-old said. "[He's] got Giuliana's dimples!" He was also full of praise at how well his wife had taken to motherhood, enthusing "It's amazing how maternal instincts have taken over, and Giuliana's just supermom. It literally brought tears to my eyes the other day watching her with Duke."

Considering the trouble they've had conceiving, not to mention the fact that Giuliana had to undergo a double mastectomy last December after a breast cancer diagnosis, it's a happiness that's been long overdue. "I couldn't believe that all those years of struggling and the tears actually paid off," Giuliana admitted. "Every shot, every doctor's visit - in the end, when you're holding your baby in your arms, you forget it all, and it's worth it." We're glad to hear it.