Giuliana and Bill Rancic chose to have a child via gestational carrier because they didn't want to wait any longer.

The couple went through several rounds of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and a miscarriage before Giuliana was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and decided to have a baby with a surrogate after doctors warned they would have to wait ''three to five years'' before trying to conceive a child on their own.

Bill, 40, told Us Weekly: ''[After Giuliana was diagnosed] we had the embryos frozen. Everything happens for a reason, and we believe this is meant to be and the way it was supposed to work out.

''If she'd gotten pregnant, it probably wouldn't have been a very good outcome because of all the hormones - it would have made the cancer surge. So this was the best option.''

'Fashion Police' co-host Giuliana - who had a double mastectomy last year - added: ''As soon as we heard that we had to wait three to five years, we moved forward with this plan.

''We go to this great Clinic called CCRM and it was through our doctor, Dr. Schoolcraft, who referred us to the agency. That's how we found [our surrogate].''

Giuliana, 38, and Bill are thrilled with their surrogate, with entrepreneur Bill saying: ''She's a really nice girl who comes from a good family. Knock on wood, but I think we hit the gestational carrier lottery!

''The last year and a half we'd been having people come up to us and shed tears and cry. It's so nice now to be crying tears of joy. It couldn't be better.''