Billie Eilish says she finds falling in love “hard” as it is a “really spooky” experience.

The 20-year-old singer added in an interview with Highsnobiety she never felt sexy when she showed off her blonde hair.

Billie, who has been dating ‘Neighbourhood’ frontman Jesse Rutherford, 31, since at least October, said: “Falling in love is hard for me. It’s a spooky thing, love. It’s really spooky.”

She added she believes the Internet makes it difficult to get into “stuff like this (relationships)” and is the reason she has tried to keep her romances out of the spotlight.

Despite finding love “spooky” Billie said her relationship with Jesse is one of the reasons she wants to cry tears of joy – along with her career success.

She said: “I could bawl my eyes out thinking about it.”

Billie added in the chat about previously sporting her natural light hair instead of her trademark dyed black: “I didn’t feel sexy for one second of being blonde. When I was blonde, people treated me differently. People completely changed their demeanour (around me.)”

She also said she thinks she was taken “more seriously” due to her “more masculine” dress sense, adding: “If I had been more feminine and girly, people would’ve been a lot less respectful of me.”

Billie recently told how she thinks Jesse is the “hottest f****** f*****” alive.

She added in a chat with Vanity Fair she is hooked on touching skin “all the time”.

Billie said: “I managed to get my way to a point in my life where I not only was known by a person that I thought was the hottest f****** f***** alive, but pulled his a**.”

As she asked everyone in the room to clap her, Billie added: “Jesse Rutherford, everyone! I pulled his a** – all me! I did that s***. I locked that motherf***** down.

“I just need to be touching skin all the time – touching and cuddling and hugging and anything skin-related is really a big thing for me.”

Billie and Jesse – rumoured to be dating in mid-October when they were spotted holding hands at a ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ event in Universal Studios – used the holiday to comment on their age gap, with Billie dressing up as a baby version of herself, while Jesse wore an elderly man costume.