Billie Eilish halted her concert at The O2 to check on fans who were allegedly fainting from the heat.

The 'Therefore I Am' hitmaker noticed something wasn't right and gave everyone a breather and made sure gig-goers were safe before carrying on with her set at the London arena on Saturday night (11.06.22).

She asked: “Are you all ok?”

She went on: “People were fainting and getting pulled out. It’s hot, I know.”

The show was paused for a few minutes before resuming.

She then said: “Take a step back, give everybody some space."

The Grammy winner told her fans to make sure they look out for one another and tell someone if they feel unwell.

She said: “If someone looks a little woozy, just tell someone … Don’t try to save feelings.”

Thanking the security and staff at the venue, she said: “I appreciate you.”

Billie has paused a couple of her concerts to check on the safety of her audiences lately.

The 20-year-old singer was performing at Madison Square Garden in New York City in February when she urged the crowd to "sit down" if they needed to, and take a moment to compose themselves.

In footage shared by TMZ, she said: "If you want to sit down, you are allowed. Go ahead, sit down, take a breath."

In the video, she also asked fans at the front to "take a step back and give everybody some room down here".

The incident came after Billie stopped her show at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia earlier that month when she spotted an audience member struggling to breathe and appealed to her crew to get an inhaler for the female fan.

After the audience member was helped and Billie resumed the show, she said: “I wait for people to be OK until I keep going."

The remark was seen as a diss at Travis, who continued performing at his Astroworld festival in November when people were being crushed in a crowd surge that left hundreds injured and 10 dead.