Billie Eilish says Tyler, The Creator has ''inspired every part of everything about her''.

The 'bad guy' hitmaker heaped praise on the 29-year-old rapper as she played his track as part of her 'me & dad radio' show on Apple Music.

She said: ''Everybody knows Tyler has inspired every part of everything about me. And I knew every song of his from the beginning to ... Basically, I've been a fan of Tyler's forever, and I never really got to listen to all of this album. This song, I'm so embarrassed by this, but this song, I only heard for the first time at the Grammy's.''

Billie also celebrated the works of Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Ray and Nicki Minaj, as she thanked them for inspiring her, too.

She added: ''I'm about to play Marina and the Diamonds, Primadonna. Girl, I mean, I found this song because of a make-up tutorial. But it wasn't for make-up, it was for a Halloween costume. And the song she used was Primadonna by Marina and the Diamonds. And I had the same reaction. I was like, 'This is such a weird song. Her voice sounds so interesting.' And I looked it up and it was, of course, then I was like, 'Oh my God, this is my favourite artist ever.' And she was my favourite artist for years and years and years and all her albums I just ...

''I know every lyric to this entire album and to like her next three albums or whatever, all of her albums from then, I know all of them. They're so good. She's amazing. She and Lana Del Ray and Nicki Minaj are the reason that I've ... Or I guess the inspiration that I've gotten over the years, I love and adore and have gotten so inspired by them and the way that they do different voices and they change it up.

''And Marina is like just a God at that. And Lana and Nicki, everybody knows Nikki Minaj is like queen of doing different voices and killing it. And it's the same with a Marina and Lana. And this song is one of those where she's got a character, and she also is an inspiration for why me and Finneas writing characters. I remember watching an interview with her where she said that she likes to write as a character that she comes up with or knows. And that's why we do it.''