Billie Joe Armstrong’s stint in rehab is “killing everyone,” according to his fellow Green Day comrade Mike Dirnt.

Armstrong was admitted to rehab for substance abuse after he fell off the wagon during the band’s recent touring stint. Matters came to a head when Green Day were playing the iHeartRadio show on September 21 and Billie Joe launched into an aggressive rant onstage, under the belief that their set had been cut short.

“I know that my friend's life is in danger and that's all I care about,” Dirnt told Kerrang! magazine in a recent interview (reported by MTV News). “He's in the middle of some really big things, but we're going to pull through. It's killing everyone. Green Day has never been a band that sits still, but sometimes you have to step back and let life go on rather than try to control everything.” Green day were in the middle of a promotional schedule for releasing three albums in quick succession. Dirnt admitted that the pressures of the schedule may have contributed to the singer’s downfall and added that he was unsure when Armstrong would be considered well enough to return to work.

“All I can say is I don't know if we'll see him before or after Christmas. It's basically undetermined when he'll be back,” said the bass player. “We're brothers-in-arms waiting for Billie to return healthy, but we're not going to force anything.”