Billie Piper uses a foot double.

The actress, who plays a high class London prostitute in UK TV drama 'Secret Diary Of A Call Girl', refuses to let her toes be filmed for the programme, because she finds them "vulgar".

She said: "I hate my feet. They're my least favourite thing in the world. They're really crammed into my adorable shoes. They're so vulgar, and looking at them now makes me want to cry!"

The 27-year-old star admitted filming raunchy scenes for the show can be difficult and she has to be direct with the bit-part actors to help them overcome their nerves.

She explained: "It becomes very intense and nerve-racking, especially for the actors playing the clients who come in just for one day.

"You have to make foul jokes and you have to tear each other apart. It's the only way to get through it. You have to actively give people chewing gum and tell them that their breath really stinks and they need to sort it out."

She also said that using humour is the key element which gets her trough the days on set.

She added: "It is so full on, but everyone really wills you through it and holds your hand. Sometimes, the scenes are just horrible to shoot, but it's all done with good humour."