Billie Piper takes nude pictures to ''check in'' on herself.

The former 'Doctor Who' star has confessed to snapping pictures of herself in the buff to give herself a better look at her own figure.

Speaking about taking naked photos, she said: ''I've taken naked pictures of myself but I sort of do it as a check in for me. I sort of go, 'How am I looking? What do I look like now?' So I do it to sort of check in with myself. I would never send one because it's way too risky.''

And the 37-year-old actress also spoke of the ''ugly'' side of nude photographs, who get in the wrong hands - which is what happens to her character in her new television show, 'I Hate Suzie'.

Speaking on the 'Is It Just Me?' podcast, she added: ''On a more serious note it can get really really ugly and very sad. It can get very exposing for people - for older people and younger people. It's happening more and more it's actually abusive .. I think smartphones are not true to life at all. Even in a photo of your face as a selfie, I find it to be very misleading.''

Meanwhile, Billie previously admitted she thinks social media is ''terrifying''.

She said: ''Let's put it this way, I wouldn't have wanted to be a famous pop star now. The social media element of it all is terrifying because it's continuous, it's in your bed, next to your bedside table every night.

''In my pop career there were moments that were horrible to experience as a teenager, but they came and went. But the thought of having that constantly on your person - I wear my phone round my neck like some weird slave - and with one simple click you're able to see what millions of people think about you or other people, or just about anything ... I would argue that it's got worse.''