Pop star-turned-actress Billie Piper has only patched up her distant relationship with her parents since becoming a mother, because they were "redundant" when she shot to fame as a teenager.
The Brit became a chart sensation in the U.K. when she was just 15 and landed her first solo number one single in 1998. She moved into her own apartment and travelled the world as she released two hit albums.
Piper then abandoned her pop career and enjoyed a short-lived, booze-fuelled marriage to U.K. TV star Chris Evans, which her parents found out about on a radio show.
And she reveals she only recently became close to her mum and dad again after putting her wild days behind her and welcoming a son in 2009 - admitting she felt she didn't need them when she was riding her first wave of success.
Piper tells Britain's Sunday Times Culture magazine, "I only refound (sic) my relationship with them (parents) recently. Sometimes I feel bad about the things that happened between us. Having my own family brought me back to them. I wanted to share the joy of new life with them, and for them to be part of our baby's life.
"They thought it (fame) would set me up for life. They said, 'You won't have the worries we've had, you'll see the world, meet people from all walks of life, live in London.' I made them redundant as parents. I grew up without them. Because I was given everything I wanted, I was a teenager with power, and I felt I didn't need them... which made their lives hard. They were terrified. I was very rebellious in my late teens and... I knew they would try to sedate all my madness. But I was loving it."