Piper became the youngest female ever to debut at number one in the U.K. charts when she hit the top spot with Because We Want To in 1998, at the age of 15.

As her singing career took off, she left home and shunned any contact with her mother Mandy and father Paul, blaming a press interview they gave about the family's life.

However, Piper now admits she cut off her parents because they were the only ones trying to curb her behaviour, and since having two children with her husband Laurence Fox, she has realised how her mother was only try to do the right thing.

The Secret Diary of a Call Girl star tells The Times Magazine, "I've always been a bit fractious with my parents. But I think that's because I left home in my formative years and I didn't really know how to be around them.

"I was making really big personal choices at a very young age, and I kind of forced them out of my life, because they were the only ones telling me to calm down and watch what I was doing... I think when you have your own children, you see your mother in a whole new light... I was certainly quite wayward at that age and very, very headstrong, without any emotional tools, really. But, you know, that's it. It's done. And I will try hard to redeem myself to my mother, for my mother."