The Monster's Ball star has been married a total of six times - his ex-wives have included actresses Angelina Jolie and Cynda Williams - and his previous five marriages didn't end well.

Last year (14), the 60 year old wed Connie Angland in a private ceremony at their home after dating for 11 years, and Thornton explains he waited to marry Angland because he didn't want to the relationship to end like his others.

"We've been together 12 years and our daughter is 11 and we did it for her really because after a while it's like, 'Why aren't my mommy and daddy married after 12 years?' he told U.S. late night host James Corden. "We just didn't want her to think it was funny."

"And the reason I didn't want to (get married) was because my marriages were always very short and I don't like to try and fix things that aren't broken and so I said, 'Look, I got a pretty bad record and we're doing fine'. But we finally did it.

"We did it in the front yard and there are these people that are like ministers who... come over with a book and you sign this book and it's not public record. So we did it last October and it was completely quiet and eventually we put it out that we were married and nobody knew about it."