Tonight marks the premiere of FX’s new mini series ‘Fargo’, based on the Coen Brothers movie of the same name. Whilst the film has become more than worthy of the cult classic title, what exactly can we expect from this 10 episode series.

Martin Freeman in Fargo Martin Freeman stars in 'Fargo'

Joel and Ethan Coen, the minds behind the big screen Fargo, are sticking close to the television series, serving as executive producers. They will not, however, be writing or directing. Taking on writing duties is Noah Hawley, who was responsible for developing the series. Hawley previously worked on the series ‘Bones’ and created the ABC series ‘The Unusuals’.

While of course comparisons will be made between Fargo the movie and the FX series, don’t expect this ‘Fargo’ to tell the same story as the movie did. Instead of using the same characters and plot, the similarities will more lie in the show’s black humor and over the top violence. Noah Hawley has described the show as being more like ‘’a ten hour movie’’, than a traditional series, but this is in terms of storytelling and character development. What will stay from the movie is the premise of a small town being hit by a series of gruesome crimes.

Billy Bob Thornton in FargoBilly Bob Thornton in 'Fargo'

As for the cast of character, ‘Fargo’ has some pretty big names to boast about. Firstly there’s the Academy Award nominated Billy Bob Thornton who will star as Lorne Malvo. Malvo’s character seems to be the catalyst for the town's troubles and he’s been described as a ‘'manipulative character'’. He sets his sights on the easy target of Lester Nygaard, ‘a put upon’ insurance salesman who he starts on a path of self destruction.

Nygaard is played by Martin Freeman, whom television audiences will know from 'Sherlock'. Though his character will inevitably be compared to William H Macy’s Jerry Lundegaard, Freeman has been keen to distinguish his character as a separate entity and not any kind of impersonation. Freeman has said that Lester undergoes, a “huge transformation” which has dire consequences for the small town. Allison Tolman will play local police officer, Molly Solverson, whom we can assume will be close to Frances McDormand’s Marge one of the movie’s most memorable characters. Also starring is Colin Hanks, Bob Odenkirk from 'Breaking Bad' and Adam Goldberg.

Martin Freeman at the premiere of 'Fargo:

Maybe it’s unfortunate that the television show shares the same name as the film - its makes the comparisons so unavoidable. However, it looks as if ‘Fargo’ the TV series might just be good enough to make a mark on its own. Indeed early reviews seem very positive. As Martin Freeman put it “people who loved the film may love us or they may hate us. I think that will split people one way or the other. But I do hope, and I do generally believe if people go into it with an open mind, within 10 minutes you’re no longer thinking about the 1996 film [you are] engrossed in the world we’ve created.” So with your minds officially opened, US viewers can become engrossed in 'Fargo's' world tonight on FX, while UK viewers will get their turn this Sunday night on Channel 4.

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