When 22.02.2013

'Sling Blade' star Billy Bob Thornton discusses tattoos and Valentine's Day with photographers as he goes to get into his car. They ask him to describe what it was like getting his first tattoo. 'Oh gosh, it was so long ago, it was in 1974', he said. 'Back then people didn't get tattoos, just people in the Navy or bikers. and now you go to the dentist and your dentist has a tattoo.' He is then asked what the male version of a 'tramp stamp' (lower back tattoo) is. 'Let's see, err. stupid!' He replies with a laugh.

One member of the paparazzi also asks him an uncomfortably intimate question about his girlfriend on Valentine's Day. 'Gosh, normally I don't divulge that kind of information', he asserts before answering the question.


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