British rocker Billy Bragg tried to scam money out of his fellow performers with rigged mini-golf games while touring in Australia.

The singer/songwriter was included in the line-up for Australia's touring festival Big Day Out in 1996 alongside acts including Rage Against The MAChine, The Prodigy and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

The A New England hitmaker saw an opportunity to make some money from the other musicians with a mini-golf betting scam, but his plan ran into trouble when The Prodigy's singer Keith Flint proved unexpectedly skilled at the novelty sport.

Bragg tells NME magazine, "On the Big Day Out in 1996, I was running a mini-golf betting scam, which involved beating the s**t out of The Prodigy. Except Keith (Flint), who had never played before but won every time! No matter how I set it up and how I scammed it, Keith always managed to play that path. I was making a fortune."