Billy Corgan could appear on wrestling TV show 'TNA IMPACT'.

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman has joined TNA Wrestling as a senior producer for talent development and creative and he is responsible for creating storylines for TNA's flagship program - which airs in over 120 countries.

Although there are currently no plans to utilize Corgan in an on-air role he admits he could feature on the show if it was the right thing to do.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, he said: ''I don't see myself in a televised role, but I certainly would listen if they felt it was necessary. I'm a firm believer in getting the talent over in the company, getting the talent over in the ring, I've been in the ring and I don't necessarily belong in a ring.

''But whether it was an angle, or me appearing as a spectator or as a commentator, whatever I can do I'm more than willing to do it to help TNA. But I didn't take this job to make it about me, I'll probably have to say that 10 times over!''

Although he has the ability to change things on the show, Billy insists he isn't going to completely overhaul 'TNA IMPACT'.

The 48-year-old actor instead wants to change things over time and do that as part of a team all pulling in the same creative direction.

Billy explained: ''I really love the idea of being a participate in a bigger dynamic. I like the team effort here, I like the team and my job is to participate and get the talent over if I get the talent over there's plenty of credit to go around everyone and I would love to share in it ... I would say it's a little bit like what we are seeing with my baseball team the Chicago Cubs. The Ricketts family bought the team, but they went backwards to start building a franchise that was going to be full and profitable in years to come and consistent in years to come. I'm not a big believer in waving a magic wand, we have a company here with a 13-year history ... I'm looking at TNA from the perspective of someone who has built a million dollar businesses, it's got to be from the bottom up.''

Corgan joins the creative team headed up by TNA Executive Vice President of Television and Talent John Gaburick and he will be working with TNA's impressive roster of wrestlers, which includes Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and his brother Matt Hardy, MVP and Gail Kim.