Billy Crudup fell asleep at Justin Theroux's bachelor party.

Jimmy Kimmel threw the bash for a reluctant Justin, 44, who only agreed after the chat show host ''bullied'' him into it, but the shindig was such a tame affair that one of the guests even fell asleep.

Speaking about the party, which was held at his home with his wife and baby upstairs, Jimmy joked: ''It was the most G-rated party. My wife and baby were at your bachelor party.''

Justin - who married Jennifer Aniston in a secret ceremony - added: ''I showed up at Jimmy's house and Molly [Kimmel's wife Molly McNearney] answered the door holding baby Jane.

''She then went upstairs to put Jane down to sleep so we had a very quiet bachelor party.''

Referring to Billy, 47, who nodded off, Jimmy quipped: ''That's how wild it got.''

Jimmy, 47, officiated the nuptials, which were held at the couple's Los Angeles home in August and the chat show host castigated the actor for telling people that he cried during the ceremony.

He said: ''The one piece of information that you let escape from this wedding [was that I cried. I know it's true but...''