The producers of Broadway show Billy Elliot: THE MUSICAL have been slapped with a $4 million (£2.67 million) lawsuit from two women who were hospitalised after they were allegedly struck by a stage prop in 2009.
Missouri natives Elaine Rosen and Cynthia Noblit, who had front row seats to the 23 November, 2009 show at the Imperial Theatre, were hospitalised after an object flew off the stage and reportedly hit them in the face during a song-and-dance routine towards the end of the first act.
The plaintiffs' lawyer, Steven Halperin, claims Rosen, 54, has been left with a "permanent scar" on her face, while Noblit, 60, suffered concussion.
According to the New York Post, the incident prompted theatre bosses to make slight alterations to the Tony Award-winning play to avoid any future incidents, and they invited Rosen and Noblit back to attend another production of the musical.
In the legal papers, the producers are accused of "general negligence (for) arranging a hazardous and dangerous choreography" and "failing to give... any notice or warning" to members of the audience.