The Mike & Molly star's grandmother owned a pizzeria in the 1960s and now he is opening an eatery inspired by his elderly relative's place with his brother in Orlando.

Gardell Brothers will host a soft-opening later this month and will hold their grand opening in October (15).

The actor says, "It's going to be a family joint, It's a throwback to the old pizzerias...

"The way this came together is like a good meal, good ingredients. I had the means and the promotion. My brother and I have always wanted to be in business (together) so he's going to watch it and (manage it), so I know I have someone I can trust in there.

"My manager I've been together with for 30 years has opened a lot of comedy clubs and restaurants so he knows the supervision of it and his cousin... is our chef, and one of our other partners, and he had a pizzeria and back 20 years ago when he had that pizzeria when I couldn't get booked nowhere (sic), I would take a week waiting tables at the pizzeria.

"So it all kind of came together as this family vibe... We're very excited and we want to do a throwback pizzeria, like a place where families can come and sit down, but we also made it a little elegant..."