Do YOU want Billy Idol to play at your birthday party? You do? Excellent! Well, all you need to do to make it happen, it would seem, is to have a little chat with your work colleagues about it, set up a website and spend a couple of years tirelessly campaign to get Billy’s attention and finally get him to agree to flying across the world to play your birthday party. You’ll need a few B-list celebrity contacts, of course and an unhealthy interest in the life and times of Billy Idol and 80’s culture in general. But we’re sure it’ll be worth it.

Michael Henrichsen certainly seems pleased that he went to all the trouble of doing it because now, finally, after two years of campaigning, he’s had word from Idol’s people (in the form of a video starring Billy himself), that the ‘Rebel Yell’ singer will indeed be coming to perform at his birthday party in Seattle this Friday (October 26, 2012). In a video hosted by Washington Post, we see the ageing rocker’s message to his fan, revealing how he was finally coerced into performing at Michael’s birthday bash.

“It all started with a man and a dream,” says Billy in the video, gesticulating at the camera with his finger. “And that man is Michael Henrichsen, your host tonight. His dream is for me, Billy idol, to come to your beautiful city of Seattle, Washington, to perform at his birthday party… I started getting messages from fans of mine from across the globe, athletes, musicians, all telling me, ‘Billy, you’ve got to get to Seattle and play Michael’s birthday party.’” As we see Michael watching the video back on his laptop, he chuckles to himself and says “it never gets old.” We reckon he’ll be dining out on this story for quite a few birthdays to come.