Bjork has described her younger years as a ''headf**k''.

The 'Army of Me' singer has revealed she feels strange when she listens back to her early albums such as, 'Debut', because it makes her realise she was in a bad state of mind.

She confessed: ''Looking back to 'Debut' now, it feels it was like drinking water, but thankfully I've got diaries - and it was a headf**k.''

However, the 49-year-old musician insisted she has a ''good relationship'' with her nine-album back catalogue, even though she appreciates some of the songs could have been improved.

She explained: ''I have a good relationship with my old songs. Obviously I can't say that they couldn't have been better. But I did my best at the time, and you can't do any more than that. I also feel that each was very much a child of its time. I have an obligation to be the person of the age I am. At 45, I'm going to do a very different album than when I'm 25.''

Although the singer admitted the she was in a bad head-space when she created her early albums, she said each record she makes continues to feel like a ''murder mystery'' as she attempts to figure out who she is.

She told London's Time Out magazine: ''Every single time it's going to be as difficult to solve the murder mystery - like, ''Who am I?'' There are more hindrances because I'm a woman. Being the sort of topsy-turvy prankster I am, that makes me even more excited about the impossible riddle of that. Not many women singers have documented themselves after 60. How can you do that without pretending you're 25?''