Bjork's new album Vulnicura, which was rush-released this week after an online leak, is  "complete heartbreak album" and features a 10-minute diss track aimed at her ex-boyfriend, the American multimedia artist Matthew Barney. Much of the album focuses on the relationship though 'Black Lake' is a 10-minute song in which the Icelandic singer-songwriter throws the proverbial darts at Barney.

BjorkBjork called her 2013 break-up the most painful thing she had ever experienced

The song focuses on the events 2 months after the breakup. As Billboard notes, Bjork is "pissed" cannot deal with things and feels wronged. 

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"Our love was my womb / But our bond has broken / My shield is gone / My protection taken," Björk cries over strings. Later, she likens herself to an "enormous lake / black with potion."

"You fear my limitless emotions / I'm bored of our apocalyptic obsessions," she sing, "Did I love you too much?"

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Speaking to Pitchfork, Bjork said the split in 2013 was "the most painful thing" she had ever experienced.

"When I did this album it all just collapsed. I didn't have anything," she said. "It was the most painful thing I ever experienced in my life. The only way I could deal with that was to start writing for strings; I decided to become a violin nerd and arrange everything for 15 strings and take a step further than what I've done before."

After being on sale for just 24 hours, Bjork's Vulnicura is currently at No.16 on the UK Albums chart, according to the Official Chart Company. Mark Ronson and Fall Out Boy are vying for the No.1 spot, with the U.S rockers currently ahead.

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