Blac Chyna's custody battle is her "main priority".

The 35-year-old model is currently locked in a custody battle with Tyga - the father of her ten-year-old son King - and Chyna insists that she simply won't "give up".

The reality star - who also has Dream, six, with Rob Kardashian - told 'Entertainment Tonight': "The most important thing for me right now is battling my custody case to get my son, King.

"Once that's out the way, I feel like I can go onto the next thing, but that right now is my main priority. My kids are my main priority... [and] I'm not gonna give up, at all. Moms don't give up on their kids."

Chyna recently starred on 'Special Forces: World's Toughest Test', and she was eager to push herself to her limits on the TV show.

She shared: "Honestly, I wanted to see how far I [could] go. I watched season one and, you know, there's a difference between watching something on TV and actually doing it yourself.

"And I must say, it was very intense. But I'm glad I did it though."

Meanwhile, Chyna previously insisted that there was "no bad blood" between herself and her ex-boyfriends.

The model told "It's never been like no bad blood or anything negative.

"It was just two different people in two different paths. And one day, those paths collided and that's how we got the babies.

"But moving forward in 2023, it's all positive vibes with co-parenting. Everything’s calm, there’ll be no more situations."

Tyga started dating Kylie Jenner after his split from Chyna.

The celebrity duo went public with their romance in March 2015, but Chyna doesn't have any bitterness towards Kylie, either.

She said: "It didn’t bother me. But that's always been my personality ... I just see stuff for what it is. You can't make somebody want to be with you."