THE Black Eyed Peas star Fergie is putting London's solemn-faced beefeaters to the test by rubbing them up the right way in her new solo video. The sexy singer shot the video for LONDON BRIDGE on location in the English capital and made sure she got a host of famous local sites into the promo. In one scene, Fergie grinds her hips against a red-coated guardsman on sentry duty, but she fails to make the soldier break a sweat, let alone crack a smile. But the guardsmen aren't for real; they show up at the end of the promo, dancing with the singer - something Queen Elizabeth II's stern-faced beefeaters would never do. In other London-based scenes, shot in part at the exclusive Belgravia Gentlemen's Club, Fergie races up the River Thames in a speedboat, checking out the Tower Of London and Big Ben. And, in a saucy table-dancing scene, the Anglophile Black Eyed Peas star flashes her Union Jack underwear. Though the video is her solo debut, Fergie made sure her bandmates weren't overlooked - they all appear in the promo.