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Black Lips
Good Bad Not Evil
Album Review

Black Lips Good Bad Not Evil Album

Black Lips have spent four records perfecting the trash pop punk sound that could come from any garage in the suburban US. It seems out of tune, sloppily shambolic and loose. And to a great extent it is, but carefully so. Atlanta's sloppy sons have made yet another short album - 14 songs, 36 minutes - but those short songs deal with small stories (How Do You Tell A Child That Someone Has Died, My Struggle) as well as rather bigger ones (Oh Katrina), and they're all pretty catchy when given a chance.

Good Bad Not Evil isn't an album for someone who won't give music a proper listen - it'll just sound all over the place and amateurish, even in the presence of some pretty dark and scary lyrics. However, past that slight hurdle, there's a world of joy. This is the band's best album yet, but caution is recommended before opening this particular garage door.


Mike Rea

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