Review of Live In Paris Album by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have been around since 1998, championed by Noel Gallagher during his Oasis days having them supporting them on countless occasions. Why is that? Because not only do Black Rebel Motorcycle Club churn out some great Rock 'n' Roll tracks, but this band can deliver those bad boys effortlessly on the live stage. If you have not seen this band live, you have two options: catch them on their latest tour or purchase their latest album 'Live in Paris'.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Live In Paris Album

'Live in Paris' is a DVD and CD filled with twenty three tracks of Rock 'n' Roll monsters, all packed into this. The trio just let their music do the talking, but be warned if you are not going to play this on its highest level then you won't get the full effect.

So the band kick off everything with 'Fire Walker' before moving swiftly onto 'Let The Day Begin'. Peter Hayes acknowledges the crowd and explains that, as it is a year on from the release of the album, they thought it would be good to play it from start to finish, which in itself is a treat; it's not often bands go through a whole album from start to finish. Most bands nowadays like to do this with a long anniversary on a release of an album, but Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are not in the line of 'Most Bands' and do things their way.

They carry on through their back catalogue with 'Beat The Devil's Tattoo'; noise, noise, noise! But in a way it should be. The best thing about the second half of this set is the songs that you had forgotten all about. 'Berlin' leading into the mighty 'Conscious Killer' is just amazing, and it gets better and better. The trio play 'Rifles', 'Stop', 'White Palms' and 'Spread Your Love' one after another which makes you desperately wish that you were at that show.

The fact that this band can play two hours solid and keep everyone not only entertained but screaming for more, just shows what a hardcore, awesome following they have. If there was to be one criticism of the set it has to be the missing 'Half State'. 11 minutes of what Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are about! Wounded.

Naturally, it wouldn't be a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club gig without 'Whatever Happened To My Rock 'n' Roll' which gets everyone going and leaves the Paris crowd buzzing. A brilliant album which some artists really shouldn't do, but we're glad Black Rebel Motorcycle Club did. If anything, this is a great pack for the BRMC fan and if you have not seen this band live, this will easily persuade you.


Mark Moore

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