Review of Berlin Single by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC)
Single Review

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Berlin Single

The second song to be hauled from Black Rebel Motorcycle Clubs' fourth album "Baby 81", "Berlin" is finally released; a modern, resilient and heated take on the vintage sound of T-Rex.

As if on a violent rampage, the Californian three-piece, ransack the truly unique tones of Marc Bolan and plaster their own mark of effervescence and accuracy on the sound.

A melodic but vigorous track; the band hurls together, almost effortlessly, a towering guitar riff, dominating vocals, a clear-cut drumbeat and salient lyrics, to form what is nothing less of the perfect rock song.

A hard-hitting, vigorous and weighty pursuit of rock perfection, which comes close to achievement; there is no denying the colossal musical aptitude of BRMC and "Berlin" is the reason why.


Daniel Black

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