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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Baby EP

Black Rebel smell of leather and Marlboro. They wreak of repetition and attitude, and there's certainly a whiff of motorcycle exhaust fumes seeping from the CD player while the thump of a beat and Jesus and the Mary Chain-esque chord progressions growl like a Chopper. There's nothing new from BRMC with this new EP, but they never did offer anything ground breaking. Their just three moody fuckers in a band, or at least that's what their music seems to portray.

It would be nice for them to vary from continual monotony just briefly though, as it's all getting a little stale. They already hit their mediocre nexus with a rip-roaring debut, with admirable vigour, but now it just seems like over-excitement and bland bullishness. The final track of this collection of five, Window, does offer a little digression. There is a piano in this one. Also, the tempo is quite reduced. The vocals are still nasal, but without this idiosyncrasy we might just be listening to latter day Charlatans or something equally nondescript. Although, in saying all this, they do have a knack for screaming out vague and vitriolic polemics with real conviction, such as in personal highlight Need Some Air, and committed fans of the band will probably lap it all up, but if you own any of their previous albums, this EP will do little for improving your CD collection.

Stephen Vigors

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