Review of Death to the Indie Disco Single by Blah Blah Blah

Blah Blah Blah
Death to the Indie Disco
Single Review

Blah Blah Blah Death to the Indie Disco Single

Is it at all possible to take these guys serious? Lets look at the facts, they wear flat caps, come equipped with a jazz guitar and as far as the vocals go well slap my thigh and call me Vera.

The single is accompanied by a live track, so the boys do have confidence in their ability live as well as recorded, which is always good to see. OK deep breath 'Death to the Indie Disco' is the new tune too come from the cheeky trio and believe you and me they are a cheeky trio.

The band are lead by what can only be described as Essex boys vocals, not in the sense of Jamie T. They hold witty lyrics and have something very likeable about them, which is quite annoying. 'Death to the Indie Disco' is probably not going to be played on Radio One too much with some of the colourful language. Although it would be both quite interesting and funny to hear an alternative version, just to see what word they use to replace w*nker with.

The live track 'Death Until we Part' has the crowed in stitches with the "close to the bone" lyrics. Not a quick tune this one but at the same time it still has the same impact as the first track.

Maybe there will be the same craze that The Streets had, something a bit different and a bit original. Lets face it though it does have to be quite good, with these the jury is still out.

Mark Moore

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