Blake Lively is "confident" she will appear in more 'Green Lantern' movies.

The 23-year-old actress portrays Carol Ferris in the forthcoming comic book film and is hopeful to get the chance to play the character, and her villainous Alter Ego Star Sapphire again in the future.

She said: "Carol is a very strong woman. I really appreciated not being the damsel in distress. She has this relationship with Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), they're each other's first love.

"If we did a few more films, I'm pretty confident Star Sapphire would show up."

Blake was asked to audition for the movie after impressing studio bosses with her performance in 'The Town' and she was pleased to be recognised for her acting abilities rather than her appearance.

She said: "I made 'The Town' with Warner Bros. and they said to me, 'We want you to look at 'Green Lantern'.'

"It was really nice that this was a studio that wasn't looking for some girl to have her legs greased up and her boobs out and that's all that mattered."