Blake Lively has revealed that her daughter has already got a bit of a potty mouth, despite being only one-and-a-half years old. Appearing on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’, Lively explained how little James has a NSFW way of pronouncing certain words, which can lead to some embarrassing situations.

Blake LivelyBlake Lively’s daughter had some interesting first words.

"She says 'shump' for 'jump,' 'shtand' for 'stand,' and if she wants to sit down, it's ’s**-t,’" Lively explained. "She said, 'Hey, come s**t with me!' She's like, 'Yay, s**t!’” But I'll take that any day over like, when we go to the park and we take off our socks, for some reason she doesn't have her 'sh' for 'socks,' she has a 'c' for ‘socks.”

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"I like have Amy Schumer as a daughter, minus the immense talent,” she added. The actress is currently expecting her second child with husband Ryan Reynolds, but the actress says that little James knew about her pregnancy before she did.

"She sort of told me before I even knew. She was walking around kissing my belly saying, 'baby,'" Lively said. "But now, any time she sees anyone else with a belly, she says 'baby,' which is a little embarrassing.”

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The actress also dished on how uncomfortable it is to be pregnant during the summer. "It should be illegal to be pregnant in New York in July," Lively said. "I swear, I'm gonna make my water break just so I can cool down. Everyone says, 'How are you feeling?' but they don't really wanna hear how you're feeling. They don't want to sit there while you complain.”